Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint in ANY Colour…..

I found this here on A Beautiful Mess and I just couldn’t resist reposting it, as OMG it’s AWESOME!


We love using chalkboards as backdrops for displays and parties (like thisĀ one here!). So we were super excited to learn that you can create y

our own custom colors-and it’s really easy! We first learned how from Martha Stewart whose tutorial you can readĀ here. She recommends that you use latex paint, but we tried it out with acrylic paints with much success. Here’s how you too can create your own chalkboard paint…
Supplies: 1/2 cup acrylic paint (choose any color you like, or mix colors together to make the perfect shade!), 1 tablespoon unsanded grout (this can be purchased at most hardware/home improvement stores, we got ours at Home Depot), mixing cup or bowl, spoon, paint brush and an object or board you plan to paint on.

1. Measure out your paint and grout. The unsanded grout is a fine powder so besure to work in a well ventilated area.

2. Stir the grout into the paint until no lumps remain.

3. Paint your surface with your new custom chalkboard paint! The paint will begin to harden once it is mixed, so only mix what you need at one time as it won’t store as well as other paints.

Once your chalkboard has fully dried be sure to slate the surface before using it for the first time. To slate a chalkboard lightly rub chalk along the surface and then lightly rub it off.

Have fun creating any color combination you like!!


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20 things a Mom should tell her son….

I read this the other day and it really rang true with me. Every line I read, felt more and more like someone was listening in on a conversation I had early in my pregnancy with my son.
I knew I was having a boy and I dreamed about him. After the dream I spoke to someone I love more than anything about raising boys and the differences between boys and girls. And everything on this list came up in our ‘things to teach a young man’ conversation. Kind of cool that clearly other people share the way I feel about things boys really need to know.

So I thought I’d share with other mom’s of boys.



1. Play a sport. It will teach you how to win honorably, lose gracefully, respect authority,work with others, manage your time and stay out of trouble.And maybe even throw or catch.

2. You will set the tone for the sexual relationship, so don’t take something away from her that you can’t give back.3. Use careful aim when you pee. Somebody’s got to clean that up, you know.

4. Save money when you’re young because you’re going to need it someday.

5. Allow me to introduce you to the dishwasher, oven, washing machine, iron, vacuum, mop and broom. Now please go use them.

6. Pray and be a spiritual leader.

7. Don’t ever be a bully and don’t ever start a fight, but if some idiot clocks you, please defend yourself.

8. Your knowledge and education is something that nobody can take away from you.

9. Treat women kindly. Forever is a long time to live alone and it’s even longer to live with somebody who hates your guts.

10. Take pride in your appearance.

11. Be strong and tender at the same time.

12. A woman can do everything that you can do. This includes her having a successful career and you changing diapers at 3 A.M. Mutual respect is the key to a good relationship.

13. “Yes ma’am” and “yes sir” still go a long way.

14. The reason that they’re called “private parts” is because they’re “private”. Please do not scratch them in public.

15. Peer pressure is a scary thing. Be a good leader and others will follow.

16. Bringing her flowers for no reason is always a good idea.

17. It is better to be kind than to be right.

18. A sense of humor goes a long way in the healing process.

19. Please choose your spouse wisely. My daughter-in-law will be the gatekeeper for me spending time with you and my grandchildren.

20. Remember to call your mother because I might be missing you.

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Grief and Loss

We’ve has such a lot happen over the last month, and some of it was extremely positive, to counter the extremely negative.
But it always baffles me how the mind works. So I thought I would tell you about my Grandad. As for me, most nights I think about him still. In fact I think about both he and my Nana even though we lost here many years ago. I wonder if she’s looking after him like she used to.

I guess typically of anyone who has lost someone they love, my days are busy. With photography and spending time with my son I have a lot going on in my day. Sometimes far too much.
But at night that all goes away, and I will often spend time before I finally fall asleep, thinking about my grandparents.
Both of them were lost to me so suddenly and both I felt like there was still so much to say, so much to do. So it feel like they need to be here still to hear me and to be there for my kids and I.
It’s like the end of an era with my Grandad passing and it hit home that my children won’t get what I was so very lucky to get as I was growing up. A childhood that revolved around the beach. Family. Friends. Casual days and nights where the rules were lax and there was no stress.
Life is so different now. I can remember being 8 or 9 and wandering the bay wild. We went wherever we wanted and did kid things. Climbing rocks, swimming, playing with friends, exploring the bays.
And when we left in the morning, we’d always say where we were heading right then. But who knew where we would wind up by days end. It could be anywhere. But we’d always come home for food – as if you missed mealtime, you missed out!
Grandad was always around. If we needed him, we could find him. At home, or at the beach… and he always seemed to know where we had been, even when we didn’t realise it. I still wonder how he knew, when there were no cellphones, and no way of contacting people other than walking around or calling and hoping you were at someones house who had a phone…. But he never put a lot of pressure on us as to telling us where we were and weren’t allowed. We could go anywhere in the bay we could walk – if we weren’t too busy playing at home – Grandads.
Bedtime was after dark…… If you got home early enough you got a story about the talking fish! Waking up was going into Grandad’s room and piling into his bed to listen to the morning radio story shows and Buzz-O-Bumble.
As I got older, we got into fishing, snorkelling, going out in the boats… enjoying hanging out with Grandad more. And I’m so grateful that I did.
Because my kids will miss that, although both of them have had a good share of Grandad’s time of late, I wish it had been more.

I am grateful that A got to spend weekends with Grandad. She was the last of the grandkids to go and stay with Grandad and that makes me sad and happy at the same time.
I’m also grateful that while it breaks my heart that R won’t remember Grandad in the years to come, as he’s only four. At least he spent a day with him out of every few months since he was born (thanks Mum!) and that we have so many photos of Grandad and him. He will I hope, remember the funeral and his goodbye’s to Grandad.

But again, most of the memories now, will be based around the photos I am lucky to have and the things that I remember.
I wish life wasn’t so unfair and it didn’t keep taking away those we love most, but then in some ways, I know that home was lost when Grandad moved to Palmerston North and away from the beach he loved. And I know that life changed so much for him in later years. I hope that wherever he is now, he’s happy and there is a beach for him……

Rest in peace Grandad. You will always be my hero and I will always remember.

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